Missionary Oblates
of Mary Immaculate
Religious, apostolic and missionary Congregation,
spread in 5 continents and present in 70 countries

An example of this reality is the community of the International Roman Scholasticate, formed by young Oblate students from eighteen different nationalities. Of course, for them, more than internationality, apostolic community is essential. “The community of the Apostles with Jesus is the model of their life.” The Oblates are committed to various apostolic works with one common mission i.e., the evangelization of the poor.

     What is essential in their rule of life? They are united by bond of intimate charity, and under the direction of the Superior, they form one heart and one soul, under the protection of our Immaculate Mother, to undertake more important and efficacious works for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of the most abandoned souls. The Oblates (priests and Brother) must work seriously to become saints. 

The Headquarters or the General House of the Institute is situated   in Rome (Via Aurelia 290).

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