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This page (in continuous elaboration) intends to promote and to make known the causes of canonization of the Oblate family and eventually of the other persons, who have lived their own vocation coherently. The official recognition of the presumed holiness, on the part of the Church, does not add greater glory to the fortunate ones, who are in heaven; but serves to glorify God, the Most Holy and the Source of all holiness, and also to proclaim here on earth that the Church is holy too in her members. It can stimulate us, who are yet pilgrims journeying towards the heavenly city, to follow their example and to ask for their precious intercessions to God, from whom every good comes and who is Supreme Love, revealed in Jesus Christ. 

We will be pleased to receive any observation or suggestion. Please, send your messages to the postulator General (Fr. Joaquin Martinez Vega) on the following address: OMI Postulation General, Via Aurelia 290, 00165 Roma. E-mail:                                                                      

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                                                      C. J. EUGENIUS DE MAZENOD, 1861-2011

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                                                                                      MARTYRES OMI  MADRID, 1936
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